Domestic Pumps

Pump Care Pty Ltd stocks a wide variety of pump used around the house.


These include Davey household pressure pump in various sizes, Davey and Onga pool and spa pumps, Davey bore pumps, firefighting equipment and UV and filtration equipment.

We also carry a variety of Franklin bore pumps and Ebara sump pumps.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to ensure that you have the best pump in place for your application so you will get the best wear and tear out of the pump your purchase.

For those installing a pump for the first time, we are more than happy to assist with any advice on pipe work and fittings to ensure that installing your new pump is as quick and painless as possible.

As well as providing reliable household pumps, we carry a variety of rotable spares for each of the products we carry to ensure that we are able to support you in the use of your pump for years to come.

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